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Perennial Flowers List

We have been supplying retail, wholesale, and chain store customers with spring perennial flowers for over 50 years.
Formisano Farms excels in raising Mountain Pinks (Creeping Phlox), Hosta, Sweet Williams, Carnations, Forget-Me-Nots,
Hen & Chicks, Candy Tuft, and potted culinary herbs.

Formisano Farms is proud to be an authorized supplier to True Value, Home & Garden Showplace, Shop Rite Supermarkets, Stop & Shop Supermarkets.

Mountain Pinks
(Creeping Phlox)

Our most popular product for over 40 years.
We raise the finest field grown Mountain Pinks available.
Vibrant colorful blooms of pink, blue, white, red, and candy stripe.

Available in mid April.

(Undulate & Marginata)

Our Hosta plants come from good stock. They have thick deep green and bright white variegated leaves. The plants are extremely healthy and will satisfy customers for years to come.

Available end of April through mid May.

Sweet William

These plants are low growing and produce rich mosaic blooms.

Available in May


An abundance of colorful pastel blooms on every plant.
Available in blue, pink, and white.

Available in mid April.

Hen & Chicks

Low growing cactus-like plants that multiply quickly.
Easy to separate and transplant anywhere.
Great for rock gardens and planters.

Available in April and May.

Culinary Herbs
Basil, Dill, Parsley, Chives, Oregano,
Thyme, Sage, Mint, Rosemary, Chervil...

The Formisano family raises many of these popular herbs for the wholesale produce industry. Our Herbs come from high quality.

Available end of April.

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